Photography Workshops*

*Due to other work commitments I am only offering one-to-one workshops at this time. thank you for your understanding

For those interested in learning and/or improving their photography skills, I offer one-to-one and group workshops on general photographic knowledge as well as in my areas of specialization,  landscapes, architecture, performing arts, environmental portraits and events.

All workshops take place in and around Luxembourg and are directed at beginners and intermediate photographers who would like to know and try the best available techniques and tools to produce high quality images. The workshops are conducted in EN, FR and ES.

I also provide photo editing workshops based on my workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop, the widest used software. Photo editing has become an essential part of modern photography and knowing how to digitally develop your images so you can get the best out of them is an invaluable asset.  

  1. Small group 80€ per person

  2. One-to-one workshop is 175€*

*One-to-one participants get a digital developing session organized via Skype. 

Ideally you would need a camera that offers different modes other than full Auto, a tripod, wear appropriate clothing for the weather and type of walk and bring a note pad to jot down useful concepts.

Please use the contact form to submit any enquire. Thank you.

  Why not give a gift voucher to somebody interested in photography?  Contact me for details

Why not give a gift voucher to somebody interested in photography? Contact me for details


Mafalda: 1-2-1 photography basics workshop - not only did we discover diverse interesting features of my camera, as Alfonso has an immense patience and calm when explaining and teaching. I appreciated the availability to share tips and tricks as well as the knowledge he passed on to me. I will definitely come back for a follow-up workshop and would without hesitation recommend Alfonso's work. Thank you!!!

Dorte - The workshop with Alfonso was perfect. He is very patient and detailed, when he is teaching. He wants to make sure that each student understands the technique. The trip to Esch-sur-Sure was beautiful, and we explored some new areas for great photography. Thank you!

Orit -  Dear Alfonso, the workshop was excellent and very interesting. Your pictures are so amazing and it was a pleasure to learn from you the process and tecniques to be used. I will be glad to repeat the experience. With your huge knowledge, you explained us with a lot of patient how to take beautiful pictures. Many thanks!

Creative Elena on my workshop "Alfonso Salgueiro is a truly talented, professional landscape photographer. His calm nature is reflected in the fascinating beauty of the Luxembourg Ardennes."

Didier - "As a total photography beginner I needed some basic practical advice on what to do with my camera in order to take good landscape pics. Alfonso not only showed me two extraordinary spots near Esch-sur-Sûre, but also gave me some very useful tips. I really recommend these workshops with Alfonso. Mine was the first I took, but most probably not the last one."

Denise - "Alfonso, I really enjoyed your workshop and I have much pleasure with my new camera. Knowing now the basics of theory, thanks to you, I discover each day new possibilities of this marvelous instrument. Why did I wait so long to buy an intelligent camera which helps me take good pictures while letting me free to take my own decisions? I took a picture today of a lizard and I never thought I would be quick enough not using Auto Mode and control the focal length, the aperture, the shutter speed, the framing. I was so excited!"

Anne - "Thank you Alfonso for the great workshop yesterday, I've learned a lot - also that there is no reason to be afraid of the manual mode of the camera, and that the results are immediately there after only a few settings. OK, maybe it'll take a bit of time at the beginning but it is definetely worth it! Thank you for your patience and the very instructive way you explained the different options and answered our questions. Looking forward to experimenting now during the holidays" 

Jean-Pierre - "Thanks Alfonso for the very useful workshop we had in Clervaux"

Willy - "Hallo Alfonso. I really did enjoyed the workshop yesterday. I did learn important things about my Canon camera. On a next workshop I will be there for sure. Today I had to take photos of a horse jumping competition and the AI Servo tip you gave us did help me very much; which I did learn only yesterday. Thank you very much."

Liviu - "Dear Alfonso, thank you for the info handout and for the overall nice and highly informative session. Should other people be interested, be sure I will recommend you. Best regards."