of music and snow

Since I saw and photographed Tigran Hamasyan for the first time back in 2013 I have been a great fan of his music. He is another of my all time favourite musicians for many reasons.

Like Dhaffer Youssef, who I saw very recently at the Philharmonie of Luxembourg, Hamasyan is very unique and daring in his approach to music. There is no conformism whatsoever in his music, he always delivers truly beautiful and rich music in his albums. Moreover I find his concerts are even better than his albums, a sign of a great, committed musician.

In case you are curious about his latest album, "An Ancient Observer" you can follow this link

Last night I had the immense pleasure to see him once again, this time at the SMC (salle de musique de chambre) at the Philharmonie. It was a solo concert this time but absolutely nobody in the hall was disappointed about that. On the contrary, we were elevated by Tigran's music, so much so that at the end he got two encores as the audience was feeling very grateful for such a great concert.

As the cherry on the cake, we all got to see the first snowfall of the winter as we were coming out of the Philharmonie. It was a gorgeous feeling to see the snow falling at night with Tigran's music still resonating in my head.