Fatoumata Diawara @ Philharmonie Luxembourg

I saw Fatoumata Diawara in concert some five years ago. I have good memories about that concert and expected to enjoy something good again last night, however, we were all treated with one of the best concerts ever at the Philharmonie.

Fatoumata Diawara during her 2013 concert at Philharmonie Luxembourg

These five years seem to have left no mark on Fatoumata other than her improved musical maturity. Her energy levels and capacity to engage and electrify the audience remained unchanged, something that has its merit here in Luxembourg due to the nature of the main Philharmonie hall that tends to make people not engage so much when it comes to dancing.

Fatoumata during her concert last night

The whole auditorium was ecstatic, everyone alike, children, adults, people sitting on the balconies, even some elderly people making an effort to shake those hips. I couldn't resist myself and in between shots I could not stop dancing a bit.

The whole auditorium was up and dancing to Diawara's African beat

I will share with you a few of my favourite shots from Diawara's concert. We all left the auditorium energised and you could sense that in the main foyer of the Philharmonie everybody was feeling very happy and raved about the concert they just enjoyed.

Fatoumta Diawara achieved one of the things she mentioned durig the concert and that was to make us all forget our worries and preconceptions about others and enjoy life through music and dance.