Dhafer Youssef

After a busy weekend, I went to the Philharmonie of Luxembourg on a Sunday night to photograph a musician I had heard of but had not listened to.

I was feeling a bit tired but soon Dhafer Youssef and band made me forget all that giving one of the most electrifying concerts I have seen so far at the Philharmonie.

Dhafer Youssef's music ticks all the boxes for what I consider to be exceptional. He is a Tunisian born oud player, vocalist and composer who became interested in jazz at an early age. His music is very eclectic, daring and not self-centered. I found Dhafer Youssef to be one of those rare musicians that are not only very talented but truly engaging with the other musicians and also with the audience, giving everyone a share of the protagonism.

By the end of the concert, everyone in the hall was standing up, dancing, even hugging each other and feeling really uplifted.

I was tired no more and left the beautiful Philharmonie full of energy and dying to get home to keep listening more music from the great Dhafer Youssef while processing the many photographs I had taken during the concert.

If you feel curious about his work check his homepage http://www.dhaferyoussef.com/

If you already knew Dhafer Youssef and have been to some of his concerts let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

As he always said at the beginning of a song...bon voyage! and we were all transported to another, higher place.

All images © Alfonso Salgueiro Photography